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Wedding Favors

Bagged sugar cookies to treat each guest 

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Wedding Cake Pricing Info


Wedding cakes are priced on a per person bases

  • Traditional flavors cost $2.25 per person 

Traditional Flavors Include: White, Chocolate, Yellow, Marble 

(Traditional Flavors come standard with buttercream filling)

  • Specialty flavors cost $2.50 per person

Specialty Cake Flavors Include: Lemon, Red Velvet, White Almond, Banana, 

Date Nut, Confetti

Specialty Fillings Include: Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Buttercream, Lemon Curd, 

Cream Cheese, Nutella, Chocolate, Fresh Berries, Apricot, 

Raspberry or Strawberry Preserves, Italian Rum Cream, Chocolate Ganache, 

Vanilla Whipped, Salted Caramel, Amaretto Buttercream, Cookies and Cream Buttercream

(Choosing two specialty flavors does not raise the price further)

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